Fun Illustrations of Paris

I love Paris! Who is not? A lot of artists have illustrated Paris, and lots of illustrations have an Eiffel tower as a symbol of the city, But I seek something different from iconic illustrations. Today I did research in the Google and Pinterest and found a fun illustrations of Paris with humor. Illustration of [...]

Home studio of artist Cherie-Christine

The artist’s workspace

What is required from home office/studio? I think that the workspace should be functional, airy, with lots of light and full of inspiration. I'm always interested in the artists' work environment, it is like to see what happening behind the scenes. Today I want to show you some home offices of artists. 1. I liked [...]

ETSY : Holiday Gift List

The holidays are so close. It's time to shop gifts. I want to show you a special gift list from a handmade Etsy shop. 1. Like every woman I love a doll. It's remind me my childhood when I had one favorite doll and told her all my secrets. This doll made with love and [...]

Blue and black chairs, big size plants

The cozy space on the balcony

Today I want to share with you my project. I was asked to create a cozy reading corner on the balcony. I like to play with colors and textures.Here I created a warm, colorful and simple interior. A warmth into the space adds a basket from natural material and a cotton rug. היום אני חולקת [...]