The travel illustration of Anatoly Kokorin

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I am continuing my report about traveling to Moscow.
I was so excited when visited the exhibition of illustrator Anatoly Kokorin. I know and love his illustration from my childhood. He is my favorite illustrator. I had lots of books with his illustration, the tales of Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perot, Gianni Rodari and Alexey Tolstoy.
Anatoly Kokorin’s drawings are sincere, precise, lively and full of humor. Kokorin was a traveler, he visited all Europe’s countries. The exhibition presented city’s illustrations.



The tales of Hans Christian Andersen



I also liked the interior design of exhibition performed by architects Igor Chirkin and Pavel Prishin.




I got great pleasure from this exhibition.

Я продолжаю свой ​​доклад о путешествии в Москву.
Я была в восторге, когда посетила выставкy иллюстраторa Анатолиа Кокоринa . Я знаю и люблю его иллюстрации c детства. У меня было много книг с его иллюстрациями, сказки Ганса Христиана Андерсена, Шарля Перо, Джанни Родари и Алексея Толстого.
Рисунки Анатолия Кокорина искренни, точны,полны жизни
и юморa. Кокорин был путешественником, он посетил все страны Европы. На
выставке были представлены рисунки городoв Европы.
Мне также понравился дизайн интерьера выставки в исполнении архитекторов Игорь Чиркин и Павел Пришин.

Photography by Galina Sherman


Trip on the old streets of Moscow

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I’ve not written a long time because traveled to Russia .During my trip I stayed in Moscow, Ufa, Krasnyj Klyuch. The purpose of my trip was to visit friends and relatives . I also planned a very rich cultural program .I want to share with you all the impressions that I got from the journey. But in order not to tire you , my dear reader , I’ll write a few articles about my journey…

Today my article about old streets of Moscow . For me the meeting with old Moscow was exciting . I very like old cities and history about people who lived here.
A first street which I visited was Myasnitskaya street ,house number 39.
Monument of modern architecture by architect Le Corbusie . This is first modern building in Moscow built in 1936 year. More on the building here .

Modern Building Le Corbusie

The next house Myasnitskaya 42 .The building built in 1802 by architect M.Kazakov . Now here is the redaction of newspaper “Arguments and Facts”. Previously , the house belonged to business person Baryshnikov. In this house Griboedov wrote “Woe from wit”.

Argumenty i Fakty Building

Argumenty i Fakty building 2.

Myasnitskaya 44. The house of the “three composers”. In this house stayed and worked composer Tchaikovsky, Claude Debussy was teacher for baroness’s Mekk daughter and Franz Lizst played on piano.

House of composers

Street Ogorodnaya Sloboda 6. The building built in 1901 by architect R.Klein for David Wisotsky and his family. David Wisotsky was owner of famous tea company that exists today. Boris Pasternak (author “Doctor Zhivago” and my favorite writer) often visited this house . He had in love with daughter of David Wisotsky Ida.

Wisotsky House 3

Wisotskiy house

I found information in online on site by mobile application QRcode (language Russian).
On each historical house in Moscow you can find QR code and by application QRcode easy and fast get information on it.
In next post I tell about photography exhibition.

Photography by Galina Sherman


The Butterfly Chair is my favorite item

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The leather butterfly chair is my favorite item .
The chair a cushy,light-weight and suitable for any room and any style.

The butterfly chair was designed by Jorge Ferrari Hardoy , Antonio Bonet and Juan Kurchan for an apartment building they designed in Buenos Aires in 1938.The chair combined metal with leather and promoted “the fusion of art, crafts and industrial production”
One from 3 pre-production chairs is at the Frank Lloyd Wright house Fallingwater,one at MOMA



1938-bergama-butterfly-chair (1)



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