The Butterfly Chair is my favorite item

The leather butterfly chair is my favorite item .
The chair a cushy,light-weight and suitable for any room and any style.

The butterfly chair was designed by Jorge Ferrari Hardoy , Antonio Bonet and Juan Kurchan for an apartment building they designed in Buenos Aires in 1938.The chair combined metal with leather and promoted “the fusion of art, crafts and industrial production”
One from 3 pre-production chairs is at the Frank Lloyd Wright house Fallingwater,one at MOMA



1938-bergama-butterfly-chair (1)



The sense of tranquility by Japanese architect

Today I am sharing with you a project of Japanese studio Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects ,that inspired me .The project is interior design of pharmacy.
The architect describe :” We carefully chose materials and composed space to have customers to feel “tranquil” and “kindness” . I think that they have reached their goal .
The space has clean lines and monochrome colors ,that create calm and tranquil sense.
Although the space has no windows, the good planned lighting compensates for this lack . I like this space.


japanese_pharmacy_by_Hiroyuki _Ogawa _Architects2

Source: 51arch

I wish you a nice and calm week.


The cinema hotel in Paris

I like Paris ,it’s amazing place for vacation.I also like a french cinema. For my next vacation I found  hotel “Le 123 Sebastopol”  that  designed and inspired by a famous French cinema artists. The designer Philippe Maidenberg met with each artist to create their image .

The room that tells story about film director Daniele Thompson.

Le 123 Sebastopol Thompson room2Le 123 Sebastopol Thompson room

The room devoted to my favorite french actor Jean-Paul Belmondo .The monochrome room with red color touch and the wallpaper adds a cinema atmosphere.

Le 123 Sebastopol Belmondo room

An Italian composer Ennio Marricone. Do You remember his genius soundtrack  from film “Professional”?

Le 123 Sebastopol Marricone room

Cloud Lelouch is a famous french film director.

Le 123 Sebastopol-Lelouch Room

The hotel design made Maidenberg Architecture.
The wallpapers in the rooms by Increation company.




DIY: A Rustic Lamp

Dear Friends.
Today I show you my small DIY project .A renovation the old lamp shade. I created the new lamp shade in the rustic view and simple shape.





The materials that I used are organic : Straw and Canvas .

I enjoyed creating something new from natural materials .Hope you like the new look of the lamp.

Now I need to find the place for it .



Reflection in the Barcelona Pavilion

My big impression from short trip in Barcelona was a Barcelona Pavilion that was created by architect Mies Van Der Rohe in 1929 year .
I was amazed by the genius of architect who influenced on modern architecture .You can to read the article about the Barcelona Pavilion here

“Reflection” is the name that I gave to the pavilion . You see reflection in every point of the building. I strongly recommended to you to visit the Barcelona Pavilion .It’s must attraction in Barcelona.

Pavilion Barcelona1 Pavilion Barcelona3 Pavilion Barcelona5 Pavilion Barcelona6 Pavilion Barcelona7 Pavilion Barcelona8 Pavilion barcelona9 Pavilion Barcelona10


Photo by GSH Interior Design.



The beautiful jewelry of Andrea

Dear ,Friends!

I want to introduce you to an artist and jeweler Andrea Sirota. She creates jewelry from glass beads, gemstones, pearls and a lot of love.Her jewelry colorful and full of joy of life. In the morning when I’m wearing her jewelry, I smile and know that today will be a good day.I am recommending to you to try magic of Andrea Sirota .

IMG_3062_edit    ring_redIMG_3059_editIMG_3073_edit





Let’s clean your shelves

Today I want to talk about a release. Every home has items, souvenirs from trips no longer in use or not happy homeowners and they take up much space on the shelves and space of the house. I belong to the type of people who collect things for many years and every time while cleaning they say: ” I’m sorry to throw this thing, I may need it sometime”.
In this period before the holidays I decided to throw all unused objects.
After the cleaning I felt so good. A feeling of liberation and freedom .
I highly recommend that you occasionally do a home inspection, what you can toss or donate.
Now I have a half-empty shelves and the house has more space. I am ready for new beginnings.



היום אני רוצה לדבר אל שחרור. בכל בית יש חפצים, מזכרות מטיולים שכבר לא בשימוש או לא משמחים את בעלי הבית והם תופסים הרבה מקום במדפים ובחלל הבית. אני שייכת לסוג אנשים שאוספים דברים הרבה שנים וכל פעם בזמן הניקיון אומרים שחבל לזרוק את הדבר, אולי אני אצטרך אותו מתישהו .
בתקופה זאת שלפני חגים אני החלטתי לזרוק את כל החפצים שלא בשימוש .
אחרי הניקיון הרגשתי כל כך טוב . הרגשה של שחרור וחופש.
אני מאוד ממליצה לכם מדי פעם לעשות בדיקה בבית, מה אפשר לזרוק או לתרום.
עכשיו יש לי מדפים חצי ריקים ובבית יש יותר מקום .אני מוכנה להתחלות חדשות.


Jessie Boehm


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