Home studio of artist Cherie-Christine

The artist’s workspace

What is required from home office/studio?
I think that the workspace should be functional, airy, with lots of light and full of inspiration. I’m always interested in the artists’ work environment, it is like to see what happening behind the scenes. Today I want to show you some home offices of artists.

1. I liked this colorful studio of Emily Green

Emily Green in her Northcote Studio

Emily Green in her Northcote Studio


2. Light & airy painting studio of artist Abby Kasonik.A dream studio.

Artist's home studio

The studio of Virginia artist Abby Kasonik


3.The workspace of artist Joëlle Workman. Everything in its place in this studio.

The workspace of artist Joëlle Workman

4. O, the big fabulous botanical pictures, so beautiful. Artist Cherie-Christine Curchod from Sydney

The home studio of artist Cherie-Christine

Home studio of artist Cherie-Christine


5. Julia’s Solo Artist Space. Despite a small room Julia uses the wall for inspiration.
wark space6

What inspires you in your office?




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