Home Decor

DIY: Renew old picture frames

Friends, today I present to you a small DIY project in home decor. I applied to renew my old picture frames using paint and the small elements. The frames were in black, blue, brown colors - simple and dark colors. I created a composition with gold, bronze and pink. Materials I used: base acrylic paint, [...]

The new and large bed room

A renovation in private house

My project helped to couple from the Holon significant increase size of bedroom and bathroom by union 2 bedrooms. Click here for more details

Black wall and white mirror

Black wall color in interior design

I personally had experience of black paint on the walls in the Hotel Grand Ferdinand in Vienna  . Here a designer created drama and theater atmosphere with a black wall and white items. I loved being in the room of the hotel, although the outside was raining I felt comfort. If you don't have a [...]

Women’s portrait in interior design

Like a home is empty without women and kids as wall is empty without a picture. I would like to show you the women's portraits what I found on ETSY. I very like a fashion illustrations may be because in the childhood I was spending hours with old mother's illustrated magazines.Beauty and style always inspire [...]