The spring memories

Still cold and rainy.sBut if you want to feel a spring I am recommending to visit a Butterfly House in the center of Vienna. See my memories from last spring. Beauty of nature in close space. The amazing place for relaxing and tranquility inside the Art Noveau building.

The travel illustration of Anatoly Kokorin

I am continuing my report about traveling to Moscow. I was so excited when visited the exhibition of illustrator Anatoly Kokorin. I know and love his illustration from my childhood. He is my favorite illustrator. I had lots of books with his illustration, the tales of Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perot, Gianni Rodari and Alexey [...]

Trip on the old streets of Moscow

I've not written a long time because traveled to Russia .During my trip I stayed in Moscow, Ufa, Krasnyj Klyuch. The purpose of my trip was to visit friends and relatives . I also planned a very rich cultural program .I want to share with you all the impressions that I got from the journey. [...]