Sea Art Exhibition chair room by Little Dandelion

An oversize knitting

Not long ago, I discovered a giant knitting. This has inspired me to the new DIY project. In soon I'll show you it. Today I am sharing with you my inspiration from artists whom using the oversize knitting. Australian artist Jacqueline Fink. She has a studio Littledandelion . Her the naturally colored installation and textile [...]

The travel illustration of Anatoly Kokorin

I am continuing my report about traveling to Moscow. I was so excited when visited the exhibition of illustrator Anatoly Kokorin. I know and love his illustration from my childhood. He is my favorite illustrator. I had lots of books with his illustration, the tales of Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perot, Gianni Rodari and Alexey [...]

The beautiful jewelry of Andrea

Dear ,Friends! I want to introduce you to an artist and jeweler Andrea Sirota. She creates jewelry from glass beads, gemstones, pearls and a lot of love.Her jewelry colorful and full of joy of life. In the morning when I'm wearing her jewelry, I smile and know that today will be a good day.I am recommending to [...]

The happy pictures for child’s room

Usually we want to fill a child's room with beautiful things and things that causing smile to child , to give him the message that he was born for happiness. I want to show you the happy pictures for child's room .The pictures created by Pnina Tolshinsky . I met her at a meeting of [...]

The teapots by designers

Today I want to show the interesting teapots which created by artists and designers. “Bouncing-ball” Teapot  by designer Peter Shire.   The geometric teapot by  artist Peter Shire. So playful colors. The teapot by Marco Zanini . Peter Shire and Marco Zanini where members of Memphis group that designed post modern furniture,ceramics and fabrics. Alcoa aluminum teapot by [...]