6 popular eco-friendly flooring

Firstly, I would like to explain what is eco-friendly products.

Eco friendly products are products that do not harm the environment, whether in their production, use or disposal.

Some of these going green products when in use, help conserve energy, minimize carbon footprint or the emission of greenhouse gases, and does not lead to substantial toxicity or pollution to the environment.Other green products are biodegradable, recyclable or compostable. Hence, they do not harm the environment or upset the ecological balance when they are disposed of.
There are also eco friendly products that are made out of recycled materials. These recycles products help reduce the need for new raw materials.
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1. Bamboo flooring

It is actually a grass that shares similar characteristics as hardwood. It is durable, easy to maintain and is easy to install. Bamboo is sustainable and made from natural vegetation that grows to maturity in three to five years, far less than the twenty year trees can take.


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2. Cork flooring

It has anti-microbial properties that reduce allergens in the home, is fire retardant, easy to maintain and acts as a natural insect repellent too. Cork, like wood can be finished in a variety of paints and stains to suit any color scheme or design style. Its durability allows for uses in any part of the house.


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3. Linoleum flooring

Linoleum is created from a concoction of linseed oil, cork dust, tree resins, wood flour, pigments and ground limestone. Like cork, it is fire retardant and water resistant.


4. Stone Tile
Stone tiles are a great alternative to ceramic or vinyl in wet areas, and their natural beauty will last the life of the house and beyond.

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5. Reclaimed Hardwood

There are two types of hard wood to consider. Reclaimed wood is ideal as it reuses existing wood from trees that were chopped down a long, long time ago. Salvaged wood flooring can look beautiful in older homes or in a beach cottage.
The other option is to purchase hardwood labeled FSC certified. This is a designation by the Forest Stewardship Council and they promote the responsible management of forests throughout the world with a focus on adhering to high social and environmental standards.


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6. Recycled Ceramic tile


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