Table design GSH Interior Design

New look of the workspace

Hello, my dear friends! Today I show you my project. A renovating a bedroom. Morning light, beautiful pions on the table, good start of the day. The room looks lighter and more comfortable. I like here that soft colors of the room contrasted with industrial elements. The concept of design was industrial chic. For this [...]

Home studio of artist Cherie-Christine

The artist’s workspace

What is required from home office/studio? I think that the workspace should be functional, airy, with lots of light and full of inspiration. I'm always interested in the artists' work environment, it is like to see what happening behind the scenes. Today I want to show you some home offices of artists. 1. I liked [...]

The home office Idea

3 ideas for home office Dear ,friends! Today I share with you a home work spaces in the Scandinavian style. I like all of them . The using  a cool clothes rack in the home work space The clothes rack from Ferm Living webshop. A pretty labyrinth bookshelf From Bolina shop A magnetic paint in the beautiful [...]