Alexander Nevsky House


Every time when I travel through Jerusalem I am very excited .This time I visited the Church Alexander Nevsky .It was the tour of the Open House  Jerusalem event.

“Alexander Nevsky House .Architects: Martin Eppinger, Franjiya and Conrad Schick, 1860-1891.A hostel for Russian pilgrims built in the 19th century on the ruins of Aelia Capitolina, a city dating back to the days of the Emperor Hadrian (second century A.D.). The compound is divided into two wings: the northern wing consists of the church, the archaeological ruins, a museum, rooms commemorating Czar Alexander III`s family, and the room where the Czar himself stayed, whose preservation includes the original furniture. The southern wing is used as lodgings for pilgrims and as offices of the Russian Orthodox Palestine Society. ”

The Church has paintings by famous Russian artists, there are pictures and icons of I.Repin,V.A.Serov,I.N.Kramskoy, N.Koshelev.



The arc from 117 to 138 – period of Roman emperor Adrian.

Guest room has a portraits of the royal family.





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