Etsy:Holiday Gift Guide

The winter Holidays soon! Time for purchasing gifts! See my suggestions based on green and eco-friendly approach. Design from natural materials on my favorite web market ETSY Rustic wooden bathroom box .Reclaimed wood. Perfect Wool Blanket to warm you while you are reading a good book. Natural Christmas ornament Decorate your kitchen with Cotton towels. [...]

Ceramic Lighting

Ceramic lighting can create a romantic atmosphere in a room or add an original and interesting shapes . Today I'll show you a lighting  that inspired me.Enjoy. A fluid and beautiful shapes by artist Margaret O'rorke Source :Lou Hall ceramics blog Urban Light Houses In a childhood I had something like it .I love a [...]

DIY: 3 lighting design ideas

Here are few interesting ideas of the design home lighting  with low cost. This is a beautiful light fixture created by Asher Elharar. About  Asher's works I wrote here.   The pedant lamp from basket.The idea belong to Hadar from Ginger. So simple and aesthetic. My favorite idea of wall sconces I found on Nalle's House blog. [...]

Works of Asher

Dear,friends! Today I glad to introduce you DIY project  of Asher Elharar . Asher is designer, jeweler , ideas generator and my friend. All of his products are created from reused materials. used materials: rack,metal wire. אני שמחה להכיר לכם אשר אלהרר.אשר הוא מעצב, צורף, מחולל רעיונות וחבר שלי. . כל העבודות שלו נוצרו מחומרים ממוחזרים [...]