Eco friendly lamp.DIY

DIY: A Rustic Lamp

Dear Friends. Today I show you my small DIY project .A renovation the old lamp shade. I created the new lamp shade in the rustic view and simple shape.     The materials that I used are organic : Straw and Canvas . I enjoyed creating something new from natural materials .Hope you like the [...]

DIY: painting on tile

I very like to give gifts.On this week I decided to prepare a small gifts for my 3 friends from Moscow. My inspiration were the winter flowers from my garden and home. Used materials: 1.White tiles 10X10 2.Color for glass 3.Waterbase varnish Order of the work: 1.Sketching 2.Painting 3.Varnishing Begonia Cyclamen Heartsease Set of tiles. [...]

DIY: The patio renovation

At last I found time for the patio renovation.The patio located in the center of my house and was important to renovate it. It's took just 4 hour of the work and 3 year of waiting :).You know, for important things we haven't time. The patio before Here are the renovation process: Step 1: Planning. I [...]

DIY: 3 lighting design ideas

Here are few interesting ideas of the design home lighting  with low cost. This is a beautiful light fixture created by Asher Elharar. About  Asher's works I wrote here.   The pedant lamp from basket.The idea belong to Hadar from Ginger. So simple and aesthetic. My favorite idea of wall sconces I found on Nalle's House blog. [...]