Etsy:Holiday Gift Guide

The winter Holidays soon! Time for purchasing gifts! See my suggestions based on green and eco-friendly approach. Design from natural materials on my favorite web market ETSY Rustic wooden bathroom box .Reclaimed wood. Perfect Wool Blanket to warm you while you are reading a good book. Natural Christmas ornament Decorate your kitchen with Cotton towels. [...]

The small and beauty apartment from Moscow

Today I want to show you a small apartment in Moscow. The apartment was designed by studio IN2Architecture . When I saw the pictures of the apartment I felt at home. The mix of wood and paint ; gray , green, and blue colors ; the country kitchen ; the inviting terrace ; the stunning [...]

A minimalist bathroom

Opposite to my previous post about colors in the bathroom this post about minimalism in the bathroom.I think is harder to reach harmony while you need to discard all unnecessary details and leave one line or one simple object. Design studio Nendo A beautiful cube basin by Victor Vasilev Sources: Victor Vasilev interiors-luxury [...]