ETSY : Holiday Gift List

The holidays are so close. It's time to shop gifts. I want to show you a special gift list from a handmade Etsy shop. 1. Like every woman I love a doll. It's remind me my childhood when I had one favorite doll and told her all my secrets. This doll made with love and [...]

The Butterfly Chair is my favorite item

The leather butterfly chair is my favorite item . The chair a cushy,light-weight and suitable for any room and any style. The butterfly chair was designed by Jorge Ferrari Hardoy , Antonio Bonet and Juan Kurchan for an apartment building they designed in Buenos Aires in 1938.The chair combined metal with leather and promoted “the [...]

The beautiful jewelry of Andrea

Dear ,Friends! I want to introduce you to an artist and jeweler Andrea Sirota. She creates jewelry from glass beads, gemstones, pearls and a lot of love.Her jewelry colorful and full of joy of life. In the morning when I'm wearing her jewelry, I smile and know that today will be a good day.I am recommending to [...]

The happy pictures for child’s room

Usually we want to fill a child's room with beautiful things and things that causing smile to child , to give him the message that he was born for happiness. I want to show you the happy pictures for child's room .The pictures created by Pnina Tolshinsky . I met her at a meeting of [...]