Magic of Tel-Aviv architecture at Nitgh and at Day

Like most of the people in Israel I come to Tel Aviv to work and back to home in my small town.
Daylight I experience office part of Tel Aviv.Every time when I visit Tel Aviv for entertainment I love to watch a magical transformation of the city.
Contrast of Architecture, contrast of people. My recommendation to traveler visit Tel Aviv at day and at night.
Here I show you a bit of Tel-Aviv eclectic architecture. Eclectic style of architecture in Tel-Aviv from 1920 years, this is a mix of classic architecture, Art Deco architecture and Asian architecture.
Often I use an eclectic style in my interior design projects. I love mixing of style mixing of food. All this you will find in Tel-Aviv city.

Best designed Tel Aviv restaurant and cafe.
Aroma Cafe .Florentin.
Restaurant Bindella.Montefiore street. I recommend to visit it because a good food and the perfect interior design.

Yavne street

Montefiore Street
Pagoda Houze.
Ahad Haam Street

Balfur street

Nahalat Benjamin Street.Hotel Nordau.

Trip on the old streets of Moscow

I’ve not written a long time because traveled to Russia .During my trip I stayed in Moscow, Ufa, Krasnyj Klyuch. The purpose of my trip was to visit friends and relatives . I also planned a very rich cultural program .I want to share with you all the impressions that I got from the journey. But in order not to tire you , my dear reader , I’ll write a few articles about my journey…

Today my article about old streets of Moscow . For me the meeting with old Moscow was exciting . I very like old cities and history about people who lived here.
A first street which I visited was Myasnitskaya street ,house number 39.
Monument of modern architecture by architect Le Corbusie . This is first modern building in Moscow built in 1936 year. More on the building here .

Modern Building Le Corbusie

The next house Myasnitskaya 42 .The building built in 1802 by architect M.Kazakov . Now here is the redaction of newspaper “Arguments and Facts”. Previously , the house belonged to business person Baryshnikov. In this house Griboedov wrote “Woe from wit”.

Argumenty i Fakty Building

Argumenty i Fakty building 2.

Myasnitskaya 44. The house of the “three composers”. In this house stayed and worked composer Tchaikovsky, Claude Debussy was teacher for baroness’s Mekk daughter and Franz Lizst played on piano.

House of composers

Street Ogorodnaya Sloboda 6. The building built in 1901 by architect R.Klein for David Wisotsky and his family. David Wisotsky was owner of famous tea company that exists today. Boris Pasternak (author “Doctor Zhivago” and my favorite writer) often visited this house . He had in love with daughter of David Wisotsky Ida.

Wisotsky House 3

Wisotskiy house

I found information in online on site by mobile application QRcode (language Russian).
On each historical house in Moscow you can find QR code and by application QRcode easy and fast get information on it.
In next post I tell about photography exhibition.

Photography by Galina Sherman


The cinema hotel in Paris

I like Paris ,it’s amazing place for vacation.I also like a french cinema. For my next vacation I found  hotel “Le 123 Sebastopol”  that  designed and inspired by a famous French cinema artists. The designer Philippe Maidenberg met with each artist to create their image .

The room that tells story about film director Daniele Thompson.

Le 123 Sebastopol Thompson room2Le 123 Sebastopol Thompson room

The room devoted to my favorite french actor Jean-Paul Belmondo .The monochrome room with red color touch and the wallpaper adds a cinema atmosphere.

Le 123 Sebastopol Belmondo room

An Italian composer Ennio Marricone. Do You remember his genius soundtrack  from film “Professional”?

Le 123 Sebastopol Marricone room

Cloud Lelouch is a famous french film director.

Le 123 Sebastopol-Lelouch Room

The hotel design made Maidenberg Architecture.
The wallpapers in the rooms by Increation company.




My impression from Rome

Last weekend I was in Rome .The trip was short and intensive. I don’t remember half of information about places that visited in 2 days .Will take me week to absorb the all information .Today I will show you just a few places that I liked in Rome.

The Spanish steps

IMG_2036_edit IMG_2035_edit IMG_2025_edit

The Trevi Fountain .The fountain has appeared in Federico Fellini’s film La Dolce Vita.





The Vatican museum

IMG_1837_edit IMG_1840_edit IMG_1815_edit IMG_1849_edit IMG_1832_edit

The biggest impression I had from Sistine chapel .But photo prohibited here.

I hope to visit Rome again, because I fall in love with this city.



Short trip in Mazkeret Batya

Today I take you to the trip in the small and interesting city in Israel – Mazkeret Batya .
Mazkeret Batya  founded in 1883 , as agricultural colony , the first in the country  purchased by Baron Rothschild ,the idea initiated by Rabbi Shmuel Mohaliber. Colony was called Eqron , but already in 1887  renamed to Mazkeret Batya – Batya is name of the mother of Baron Rothschild.In the original main street were four serial homes with two floors – Kazarma , the bureaucracy house ( now a museum named Eran Shamir ) and the synagogue .The synagogue was destroyed.The rest of houses in the main street were included in the program for conservation sites .Today the main street is the touristic place where you can find the art studio,the pottery studio,the jewelry store, hotel B&B ,restaurants.
This place suitable for short romantic trip.








The “kazarma” house .


I hope you enjoyed



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