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New look of the workspace

Hello, my dear friends! Today I show you my project. A renovating a bedroom. Morning light, beautiful pions on the table, good start of the day. The room looks lighter and more comfortable. I like here that soft colors of the room contrasted with industrial elements. The concept of design was industrial chic. For this [...]

Mondrian inspired Interior design

I receive a new project - design a bathroom. The bathroom I decided to make in Mondrian style. I am looking for Mondrian inspiration in interior design and want to share with you most of interesting interiors. But before I want to say a bit about Piet Mondrian art. He used different size rectangular shapes, [...]

Let’s clean your shelves

Today I want to talk about a release. Every home has items, souvenirs from trips no longer in use or not happy homeowners and they take up much space on the shelves and space of the house. I belong to the type of people who collect things for many years and every time while cleaning [...]

The home office Idea

3 ideas for home office Dear ,friends! Today I share with you a home work spaces in the Scandinavian style. I like all of them . The using  a cool clothes rack in the home work space The clothes rack from Ferm Living webshop. A pretty labyrinth bookshelf From Bolina shop A magnetic paint in the beautiful [...]