Women’s portrait in interior design

Like a home is empty without women and kids as wall is empty without a picture. I would like to show you the women's portraits what I found on ETSY. I very like a fashion illustrations may be because in the childhood I was spending hours with old mother's illustrated magazines.Beauty and style always inspire [...]

How to produce an atmosphere of spring into your home

Spring in the air, my favorite time of year Here are some tips How to produce an atmosphere of spring into your home I usually add items with pastel colors Replace images in my home gallery Use plants for a fresh look And always I have a vase of flowers to add a delicate scent [...]

The Modern Bathroom .Mondrian Inspiration

I am sharing with you my project - bathroom renovation.The bathroom intended to 2 teenagers.They wished simple and modern look.I added a bit interest through play with 2 colors and Mondrian inspiration.The colors are chosen that avoid the standard white look of the bathroom. See a bathroom after the renovation The bathroom before. That do [...]

Etsy:Holiday Gift Guide

The winter Holidays soon! Time for purchasing gifts! See my suggestions based on green and eco-friendly approach. Design from natural materials on my favorite web market ETSY Rustic wooden bathroom box .Reclaimed wood. Perfect Wool Blanket to warm you while you are reading a good book. Natural Christmas ornament Decorate your kitchen with Cotton towels. [...]