Black wall color in interior design

I personally had experience of black paint on the walls in the Hotel Grand Ferdinand in Vienna . Here a designer created drama and theater atmosphere with a black wall and white items. I loved being in the room of the hotel ,although outside was raining inside I felt comfort .
If you don’t have a courage to paint all walls in black color , You can try darker colors in a bedroom or living room. I am recommending
to complete a design with bright furniture. Also remember about right lighting , use lighting only in places where you really need light.




The cinema hotel in Paris

I like Paris ,it’s amazing place for vacation.I also like a french cinema. For my next vacation I found  hotel “Le 123 Sebastopol”  that  designed and inspired by a famous French cinema artists. The designer Philippe Maidenberg met with each artist to create their image .

The room that tells story about film director Daniele Thompson.

Le 123 Sebastopol Thompson room2Le 123 Sebastopol Thompson room

The room devoted to my favorite french actor Jean-Paul Belmondo .The monochrome room with red color touch and the wallpaper adds a cinema atmosphere.

Le 123 Sebastopol Belmondo room

An Italian composer Ennio Marricone. Do You remember his genius soundtrack  from film “Professional”?

Le 123 Sebastopol Marricone room

Cloud Lelouch is a famous french film director.

Le 123 Sebastopol-Lelouch Room

The hotel design made Maidenberg Architecture.
The wallpapers in the rooms by Increation company.