Travel bagpack

Etsy: My travel essentials

In the next week I am going to vacation in Italy with my family. Travelling in comfort for me is when each thing has placed in my travel bag and I have easy access to it. See my recommendations for travel essentials. 1. Comfortable big travel bag. 2. Eyeglass case 3. Travel backpack. 4. Travel [...]

The minimalist Japanese design

The sense of tranquility by Japanese architect

Today I am sharing with you a project of Japanese studio Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects ,that inspired me .The project is interior design of pharmacy. The architect describe :" We carefully chose materials and composed space to have customers to feel “tranquil” and “kindness” . I think that they have reached their goal . The space [...]

Rustic shop design ideas

Yesterday I visited HATAHANA ( "the Station"  ) in Tel-Aviv. Hatahana is an old  train station near Jaffo ,that was restored from  the 19th century, is an attractive ,outdoor center of recreation and shopping. I liked an interesting shop design and decided to share with you a rustic shop design from Tel-Aviv and the world.  Studio NOA from [...]