February’s flowers in my garden

A February and March are best months in my garden . Begins to blossom almond and peach, as well as flowers planted in November and of course roses.Smell of the flowers, bees flying nonstop, cool breeze, no hot sun, all this gives me pleasure. I will try to convey my mood through pictures. xo Galina

Roses in the vintage teapot

The roses from my garden

The best way to improve my mood  is to gather flowers in the garden and decorate the house.Today I gathered roses and decided to put  them in the old vintage teapots.The flowers are so beautiful.I am feeling better and hoping you received my vibe. XO Galina

DIY: The patio renovation

At last I found time for the patio renovation.The patio located in the center of my house and was important to renovate it. It's took just 4 hour of the work and 3 year of waiting :).You know, for important things we haven't time. The patio before Here are the renovation process: Step 1: Planning. I [...]

Flowers on the balcony

Dear,Friends! On my  balcony I have  some beautiful plants.Every time I so happy to see how my flowers grow.Today I will show you how one from the plants changed during 2 weeks. 13/11/2013 14/11/2013 15/11/2013 16/11/2013 22/11/2013 XX Galina Follow my blog with Bloglovin