Black wall color in interior design

I personally had experience of black paint on the walls in the Hotel Grand Ferdinand in Vienna . Here a designer created drama and theater atmosphere with a black wall and white items. I loved being in the room of the hotel ,although outside was raining inside I felt comfort .
If you don’t have a courage to paint all walls in black color , You can try darker colors in a bedroom or living room. I am recommending
to complete a design with bright furniture. Also remember about right lighting , use lighting only in places where you really need light.




Inspiration. Design of terrace

Spring in air. It’s time to refresh the terrace or balcony.
I am looking inspiration for outdoor design and want to share it with you.

A minimalist terrace. Just bench and plants.
Modernoutdoor space
Source : A new garden

A mini garden on balcony . Here we see the mixing of the deck and pebbles.

Source : Casa abril

Different size of plants looking good on this small balcony.

Source : Katies Folly

Tiny balcony idea. Using vertical plants.

Source : Thai Garden Design

Ikea furniture on the balcony. Dinning area.

Source : Popsugar

Lighting adds an atmosphere of romantic.

Source : Georgiana Design

The magic terrace by my favorite stylist Hans Blomquist.

Teracce by Hans Blomquist
Source : Agent Bauer


Galina Sherman is an Interior Designer at GSH Interior Design studio. The design studio offering services of planning and design for residential spaces and offices, design consultation.

ETSY : Holiday Gift List

The holidays are so close. It’s time to shop gifts. I want to show you a special gift list from a handmade Etsy shop.

1. Like every woman I love a doll. It’s remind me my childhood when I had one favorite doll and told her all my secrets. This doll made with love and it deserves secrets.

Handmade doll

The handmade doll

2. An owl illustration art painting. The owl is a sign of the wisdom. The person who will get the owl illustration also will get a compliment.

Owl illustration

3. The snowdrop candle covers that makes a cozy atmosphere.

candle cover

4. The clip art set. “Vintage Kitchen” from talented illustrator Julia Glukhoy.
This set could be used for recipe cards, gift tags, business cards, blog posts decorations.

KItchen clip art set

Etsy shops:
1. DustyAngels

2. RiverLuna

3. Hannah Nunn

4. MoogBee


The minimalist Japanese design

The sense of tranquility by Japanese architect

Today I am sharing with you a project of Japanese studio Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects ,that inspired me .The project is interior design of pharmacy.
The architect describe :” We carefully chose materials and composed space to have customers to feel “tranquil” and “kindness” . I think that they have reached their goal .
The space has clean lines and monochrome colors ,that create calm and tranquil sense.
Although the space has no windows, the good planned lighting compensates for this lack . I like this space.


japanese_pharmacy_by_Hiroyuki _Ogawa _Architects2

Source: 51arch

I wish you a nice and calm week.


Eco friendly lamp.DIY

DIY: A Rustic Lamp

Dear Friends.
Today I show you my small DIY project .A renovation the old lamp shade. I created the new lamp shade in the rustic view and simple shape.





The materials that I used are organic : Straw and Canvas .

I enjoyed creating something new from natural materials .Hope you like the new look of the lamp.

Now I need to find the place for it .