How to Cool Down Your Bedroom When it’s Hot?

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How to Cool Down Your Bedroom When it’s Hot Outside?

When it starts getting hot outside, you may feel your bedroom temperature start to rise and become uncomfortable. It’s tough to sleep when you’re feeling hot. You may find it difficult to relax and fall asleep under the covers, or you may wake up in a sweat.

If you have central air that can keep up with the heat, turning down your home’s thermostat is an obvious choice for maintaining a cold bedroom. But if your home feels hot, even at night, there are steps you can take to make it cooler and more comfortable.

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Use a fan. Whether you install an overhead fan or put a powerful one in the corner of your room, a fan can make a difference. Even if the air in your room is warm, a fan can cool it down by a few degrees, and offer a breeze that can feel refreshing when you’re overheated.

Choose natural, breathable bedding. You wouldn’t sleep on flannel sheets in the summer, but you may not realize synthetic fibers can have the same warming effect. Instead, you can make your bed with natural, breathable fibers including cotton and bamboo.

Cool down your mattress. Your mattress can retain heat, especially memory foam mattresses. You can cool it down and reduce heat retention by adding a cooling mattress topper for the summer.
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Use blackout curtains. With sunshine comes heat. If you have windows that get sun, especially in the afternoons, make sure they are screened or better yet, covered with a blackout curtain to block room warming light. These curtains can help keep distracting light out at night when you’re trying to sleep, too.

Turn off electronics and lights. Avoiding screen time in the bedroom is generally a good idea, as the light emitted from screens can interfere with your circadian rhythm. In the summer, turning off electronics including your TV, computer, and other appliances can cut down on the heat they emit as well. It’s a good idea to turn down or turn off lights as well, as lights can emit heat like any other electronic item.

Repurpose your hot water bottle. Bring your hot water bottle out of summer hibernation. Instead of filling it with hot water as you would in the winter, fill it with cold water and put it in the freezer, then place it in between your sheets to cool them down before you get in bed.

Don’t take hot showers. A hot shower can warm you up — and it can also heat up your bedroom. When it’s hot outside, turn down the water temperature and avoid letting the water run for an extended period.

It’s no fun to sleep in a hot bedroom. Even experts say that temperatures above 75 deg F may interfere with sleep. Keep your bedroom as cold as you can during the summer months to enjoy a good night’s rest.
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I also wish you calm and cool sleep.

Black wall color in interior design

I personally had experience of black paint on the walls in the Hotel Grand Ferdinand in Vienna . Here a designer created drama and theater atmosphere with a black wall and white items. I loved being in the room of the hotel ,although outside was raining inside I felt comfort .
If you don’t have a courage to paint all walls in black color , You can try darker colors in a bedroom or living room. I am recommending
to complete a design with bright furniture. Also remember about right lighting , use lighting only in places where you really need light.




Women’s portrait in interior design

Like a home is empty without women and kids as wall is empty without a picture. I would like to show you the women’s portraits what I found on ETSY. I very like a fashion illustrations may be because in the childhood I was spending hours with old mother’s illustrated magazines.Beauty and style always inspire me.

You can add to the your bedroom mood and style just by adding those beautiful portraits.

Surveillance .Etsy shop LeighViner

Surveillance .Etsy shop LeighViner

Etsy shop LeighViner

Atmosphere .Etsy shop LeighViner

Atmosphere .Etsy shop LeighViner

Etsy shop LeighViner

Natalie Portman Black Swan.Etsy shop sookimstudio

Natalie Portman Black Swan.Etsy shop sookimstudio

Etsy shop sookimstudio

Nikon Girl.

Nikon Girl. JessicaIllustration

Etsy shop JessicaIllustration

Red Wine .Etsy shop Mysoulfly

Red Wine .Etsy shop Mysoulfly

Etsy shop Mysoulfly


Table design GSH Interior Design

New look of the workspace

Hello, my dear friends!

Today I show you my project. A renovating a bedroom.
Morning light, beautiful pions on the table, good start of the day. The room looks lighter and more comfortable. I like here that soft colors of the room contrasted with industrial elements. The concept of design was industrial chic. For this project were used the natural materials for flooring and furniture. I really hope that you like it.


Furniture design by GSH Interior Design

Table and shelf design

Table design GSH Interior Design

Furniture Design



Galina Sherman is an Interior Designer at GSH Interior Design studio. The design studio offering services of planning and design for residential space , office, design consultation.

Mondrian inspired Interior design

I receive a new project – design a bathroom. The bathroom I decided to make in Mondrian style. I am looking for Mondrian inspiration in interior design and want to share with you most of interesting interiors.
But before I want to say a bit about Piet Mondrian art. He used different size rectangular shapes, line and basic colors. You can read more about his idea here
I like simplicity, base colors and endless number of selections. It’s just genius.
The Mondrian style is universally you can encounter it everywhere: kitchen design, window design, furniture design, lighting design.

1.Beach House
beach residence
2.Decor of staircase

Mondrian mirror


mondrian kitchen

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Galina Sherman is an Interior Designer at GSH Interior Design studio. The design studio offering services of planning and design for residential space , office, design consultation.