A new design of the wall in the living room

My last project was designing a wall in the living room. There are many ways to show a picture and decor stuff. I chose to present a picture on shelves. The shelves I cut from an old desk and painted by myself in a blue color. Before In progress After In outcome I got a [...]

Eco friendly lamp.DIY

DIY: A Rustic Lamp

Dear Friends. Today I show you my small DIY project .A renovation the old lamp shade. I created the new lamp shade in the rustic view and simple shape.     The materials that I used are organic : Straw and Canvas . I enjoyed creating something new from natural materials .Hope you like the [...]

Roses in the vintage teapot

The roses from my garden

The best way to improve my mood  is to gather flowers in the garden and decorate the house.Today I gathered roses and decided to put  them in the old vintage teapots.The flowers are so beautiful.I am feeling better and hoping you received my vibe. XO Galina