Painted glass in interior design

Stained glass was first used by wealthy Romans in their villas and palaces in the first century A.D .You can to read a history of stained glass here
Today we still use the stained glass in interior design and it’s affordable for all.

I found a few interesting stained glasses . I hope you will enjoy too.

A beautiful painted glass on ceiling  in the kids room .Artist Dimitry Iorgachev.

The graphical window by Stained glass studio in Kiev by Valentina Ivanova. This painting I would like in my bedroom,but in grey and blue colors.


The Glass door by Sans Soucie Art Glass.The company creates so beautiful and original painted glass.
Glass door

Paint Chip Door by Armin Blasbichler.So beautiful and sophisticated.

Paint Door

The Glass blocks


A Pink window

Stained glass workshop
Sans Soucie Art Glass
Glass blocks
Kacie kambell



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